The best way to explore parties, events & activities to ‘ENJOY’ yourself. Evoy is the embodiment of all deeds mankind desires for, when they want to let themselves loose, forgo their monotonousness, relish their earthly existence or absorb some uncanny wisdom.

Are you a party animal? Or a music enthusiast? Do you care for gastronomic experiences? Or do you aspire to be a ‘Renaissance man’? If so, then grab your smartphones & download ‘Evoy’.

Evoy is a free mobile app that lets you explore & evaluate the choices on how you want to spend your free time – whether it be going to wild parties, memorable events, indulging in experiences or being more productive.


✔ Explore a plethora of on-site events happening nearby or remote experiences anywhere in the world 
✔ Check event category, music genre, event location, entry fees, contact details, etc. for any event
✔ Visit Instagram profiles of event organizers or venues to get a feel of the vibe on offer
✔ Show your appreciation for the events you like with ♥ button
✔ Plan in advance. Search events by your preferred date for upcoming trips in a particular city
✔ Easy on-boarding process for event creators. Creating a profile & hosting events can’t get any easier



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Image by Adam Solomon